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The African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions Working Group on Environmental Audit (AFROSAI-WGEA) held a virtual consultative and informative training themed “The Audit of water Resources: Planning for the Audit of the Nile and Niger Rivers” hosted by its secretariat on the 12th -14th July, 2021.

The virtual meeting had in attendance members and representatives of the Supreme Audit institutions (SAIs), resource persons on Environment sciences across the continent and its most valued development partner, the Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).


3rd, first row: The Auditor for the Federation and President, AFROSAI-WGEA, Mr. Adolphus Aghughu A. JP; FCNA, FCNA and participants during the virtual training.

 In an opening speech, the Auditor- General for the Federation and President, AFROSAI-WGEA, Aghughu Adolphus A. JP. FCNA, FCTI highlighted the uniqueness of Environmental Audit which he said requires a minimum of knowledge about environmental issues and their impacts on health and the environment with a number of players and actors. These, he said are measures instituted to promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the audited entity. 

He also said that the theme of the virtual training was aimed to revive AFROSAI-WGEA to be alive and active as it was when SAI Nigeria joined in 2012.


Members of AFROSAI and Participants of the virtual training

 Speaking at the virtual training was Mr. Peter Jonath of GIZ who gave words of assurance and full support for the AFROSAI-WGEA secretariat in its work and the delivery of its mandate. He emphasized the importance of water resources and the dangers of the spread of COVID-19 on the natural environment. “There are no political or geographical boundaries when it comes to the natural environment”, he said; and that “what we do to our environment today impacts us and the many generations to come”. He added that, the importance of the environment can never be underplayed and it is where the future lies. Mr Jonath also encouraged the secretariat on the need for SAIs to acquire more skills and knowledge. Also, that SAIs across the continent are the middle men between the people and the environment. “Everyone plays a vital role in the preservation and the protection of the environment”, he added.

Other guest speakers were the Secretary-General of INTOSAI-WGEA, Dr. Vivi Niemenmaa who also gave a presentation on the Basics of Environmental Auditing. She pointed out that this would be achieved through Performance Audits which goes beyond the financial audits by interrogating the 3Es namely, Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. She also spoke on Auditing Water Issues: Examining SAIs’ experiences and the methodological approach they have successfully used.


3rd Right: Director, EAD/Head, AFROSAI-WGEA Secretariat, Mr. Akindele Dosamu

2nd Left: Deputy Director, EAD/Head, AFROSAI-WGEA Secretariat,Mr. Abbey Oweiziarerebo

1st Right: Dr. Jimson Olufuye (ICT Consultant), 2nd Right: Head, Press Unit, Mrs Eme I.I.Oqua

Also in attendance were Michael Malabeja of SAI-Tanzania, Abera Tadesse of SAI-Ethiopia amongst others. 

It can be recalled that SAI-Nigeria being the Office of the Auditor-General for the Federation assumed the host SAI status of the AFROSAI-WGEA in the year 2019 and was the host of the (Virtual) Training event.

For more information about AFROSAI-WGEA, please visit www.afrosaiwgea.africa


Head, Press Unit

Friday, July 16, 2021

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