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Special Performance Audit Training

During the month of April 2022, i.e., from 19th -29th, the Office of the Auditor-General for the Federation (OAuGF) conducted a Special Training Programme in Performance Audit. The facilitation team included trainers from Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Afrosai-e Secretariat. A total of 35 auditors mainly from the Performance Audit Department, with others drawn from the Treasury Audit and Finance & Accounts Departments, were trained.

Following the two-week training programme, the OAuGF will continue with performance audits of 10 projects, focusing on the effective execution of contracts for implementing large infrastructure projects, as the country has undertaken huge capital expenditures in recent times.

The Auditor-General for the Federation, stressed in his speech while declaring the training open that performance audit is of interest and priority in selecting critical areas that will bring new insights on how to better the lives of the ordinary Nigerians. 

With these effectiveness audits, the OAuGF hopes to answer the questions asked by the broader population, relating to the procurement, execution and project management of some of the country's largest expenditures post-COVID-19, amounting to billions of Nigerian Naira.

Special Performance Audit Training - Photo Gallery

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