AuGF with ABNU newly elected executives.                                     

The Auditor-General for the Federation has expressed his enthusiasm to support the Association of Bursars of Nigerian Universities (ABNU) in its mission to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the bursary of the University system.

The Auditor-General for the Federation, Mr. Adolphus Aghughu gave his affirmation on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 during a courtesy visit by the newly-elected Executives of the Association of Bursars of Nigeria in Abuja.

Aghughu conveyed his expectations for the Association and the core value of Auditing with emphasis on Professionalism, Accountability and Transparency with capacity.

The Chairman, ABNU, Dr. Victor Imagbe speaking during the courtesy visit. 

The Auditor-General assured the Association of his support in its mission to the sustenance of professional excellence to its members. This he said will be achieved with accurate and complete documentation in public financial management practices.

Earlier, the Chairman, ABNU, Dr. Victor Imagbe congratulated the Auditor-General for the Federation on his appointment. Mr Imagbe said the visit was presumed on the AuGF’s dedication to the core value and profession of Audit; Thus, their aspiration to draw from his wisdom.

The Chairman who prayed for the success of the AuGF in his tenure sought for collaboration with the OAuGF on bursary matters and a coherent relationship with the Association in the area of capacity development.


Head, Press Unit