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Planning, Research & Documentations


  1. Planning Division;
  2. Research and Documentation;
  3. Public Accounts Committee Affairs Division; and
  4. Procurement

The functions of this proposed Department shall include:

  1. Co-ordinating of plans and programmes of the office;
  2. Determining interface between Departments/Jobs;
  3. Preparing Publications, Journals and Newsletters;
  4. Undertaking research activities on modern auditing methods and reporting;
  5. Preparing and co-ordinating annual work-plan of the office;
  6. Investigating re-curing operating problems for management action;
  7. Production of quarterly, annual and other periodic reports for the Auditor-General Office;
  8. Responsible for the custody of records and information sources to the office;
  9. Co-ordinating activities leading to and arising PAC sessions;
  10. Monitoring of the office bonafide projects;
  11. Liaising with International Audit Organisations and Supreme Audit Institutions;
  12. Data management;
  13. Maintenance of reports and archives;
  14. Liaising with Federal Government Statistical Departments;
  15. Assisting in Project Monitoring;
  16. Processing of the Annual Report of the Auditor-General;
  17. Vetting the numerous queries raised by all units of the Office residents at the various MDAs;
  18. Examination of the responses to queries by all MDAs;
  19. Attendance at the PAC sessions of the House of Representatives;
  20. Attendance at the PAC sessions of the Senate;
  21. Publishing of the Annual Report of the Auditor-General for the Federation;
  22. Follow-up on the resolutions of the PAC of both the Senate and the House of Representatives;
  23. Vetting the queries raised after auditing all the Nigerian Missions oversees;
  24. Writing paragraphs from observations not satisfactorily answered
  25. Performing other duties that may be assigned.

Functions of Divisions:

  1. Planning Division
    1. Plan and policy formulation for the Auditor-General’s Office;
    2. Policy analysis;
    3. Project and programmes planning;
    4. Plans and projects monitoring and evaluation; and
    5. Issuing guidelines for auditing in the Federation.

  2. Research and Documentation Division
    1. Research on auditing methods and standards;
    2. Organization operation and management research;
    3. Internal statistics; and registry and records management;
    4. Library services;
    5. Data/Data bank management;
    6. Library and Archives management;
    7. Preparation and publication of annual performance reports; and
    8. Periodicals and journals.

  3. PAC Affairs Division
    1. Collating and input for the Public Accounts Committees (PAC) of the National Assembly;
    2. Attending PAC sessions of the House of the National Assembly;
    3. Undertaking follow up actions arising from PAC sessions;
    4. Preparation and production of PAC annual Report;
    5. Vetting of Audit queries from other Departments; and
    6. Examining and verifying responses to queries from MDAs.

  4. Procurement Division
    1. Dealing with all matters on Recurrent Procurement;
    2. Dealing with all matters on Capital Procurement;
    3. Maintaining a periodic register of suppliers/contractors/service providers;
    4. Maintaining periodic register price database
    5. Secretariat of the Ministries Tenders Board;
    6. Responsible for the tenders process (advertisement, prequalification tender evaluation);
    7. Certifying all Due Process Certificates (Certificates of Awards and payments);
    8. Ensuring strict adherence to all extant regulations, procedures and provisions of the Procurement Act, 2007 on procurement and contract awards;
    9. Receiving and documenting all works and services rendered and items supplied; and
    10. Liaising with relevant agencies in matter relating to contract awards in respect of capital procurement.